The Entity wakes up totally confused and with no memories what so ever. There is a huge cosmic explosion and The Entity escapes towards a spacecraft at full throttle. The explosion is almost reaching the spacecraft as The Entity maneuvers the vehicle with great expertise.

With the mind full of unsolved questions, the surviving instinct keeps The Entity’s mind focused, only to escape the great supernova.

The Entity manages to escape the cosmic explosion but the giant shockwave hits the spacecraft heavily… leaving it unconscious and drifting away in the void…


The spacecraft drifts away through the cosmos for eons, with an unconscious Entity… Suddenly, the quietness of cosmos become chaos: the ship is being absorbed by some sort of black hole. The Entity wakes up again and despite its incredible abilities to maneuver mechanical vehicles, it knows there is no escape to such magnanimous colossus.

The Entity accepts the inevitable and face the black hole at full speed. It closes its eyes and prepare for the worst. When the darkness is over, everything looks different. The ship is drifting through a very different space and time… but it remains familiar somehow. It’s like The Entity was there before.

The spacecraft is attracted to a small rocky planet, violating all universal laws of gravitation. The rocky planet seems to foster some kind of primitive life.


The Entity enters the rocky planet and fly through its atmosphere, just to reveal a symphony of landscapes: green and blue paradises, infinite majestic oceans, vast desolated deserts, seas of fire and rock, deep abandoned cliffs and giant mountains of eternal ice.
Everything looks familiar in an impossible way of explanation. Every molecule of The Entity recognize that their atoms had been there before.

Without any recovered memories, The Entity starts its journey to discover signs that could lead to some answers. The journey begins with the search of life.

Revisiting every landscape over and over again, The Entity found only very basic forms of life, way distant to its own nature. This had brought some kind of peace, which allowed it to recover some memories and abilities.

The brief peace ends one day when The Entity hears the sound of a creature like nothing heard before. This animal was able to gesticulate complex sounds… even a tongue.


The entity sneaks up on these mysterious beings. As a great revelation for the entity, the «beings of the rock» – as they were baptized by the entity – gesticulate a language that feels familiar, and in their howls in unison they cry out an ancient name looking at the stars. This triggers a deep memory in the entity … Is that the name of the entity? … Has it been in remote times?

There is something very strange: these beings cannot see this entity, but apparently they can interact with its vital energy through strange rituals and prayers; even without having the consent of the entity. The entity feels fear, but at the same time feels a deep sense of belonging and peace when doing this with the beings of the rock.

The entity travels the entire planet to investigate the reason behind the strange event and discovers that there are more civilizations of these mysterious beings. They all share the same characteristic of connection by energy with the entity; they all look alike, they all follow the same pattern. It is strange, considering apparently neither civilization is aware of the existence of the other.

The entity, after a long time trying unsuccessfully to make contact with the rock beings, begins to feel strange. His physical body begins to lose control … Could it be that he is finally reconciling himself with these beings who are mysteriously able to extract his energy?


At last a sign appears. In one of its many trips around the planet, The Entity analyzes behaviors of other beings more basic than those of the rock and discovers that their behaviors respond to elementary models of the universe: how they move, their reproduction cycle, their hunting logic, etc; everything responds to some known and reiterated pattern within the cosmos.

The Entity seems to have a deep knowledge of the elementals of the universe, but it is not something learned, but something of its nature. How different could the beings be from the rock?

Motivated by the discovery, The Entity quickly selects a civilization to begin its tests.


The ceremony began 3 days after the small planet reached the aphelion of its main star, which was performed sacredly by the mountain civilization. Even the entity found it a powerful job to calculate the dynamics of celestial bodies so accurately, but for these basic beings it seemed like an easy job. The calculations were made by looking at ancient writings in a language fully intelligible for the entity.

The entity analyzed in great detail the movements and behaviors of the rock beings, trying to find an answer to their nature, but the closer it came to a forceful conclusion, the less control it possessed of its body and its abilities.

Being in a condition of total vulnerability is when the episode happens that would change everything.

The entity was so concentrated drawing conclusions to satisfy its longing for understanding that it did not realize that, hand in hand with its loss of control, it was beginning to become visible to the beings of the rock. Two young specimens of that race were the first to notice the appearance of such a mysterious entity and following their curious nature they approached her and placed their hand on the entity. That was the trigger point for everything to come.

The touch of the small palms of the rock beings feels like stakes of fire that slowly begin to spread the suffocating heat within the body of the entity. In a mixture of pain, confusion, fear and revelation, the entity begins to understand the genesis of life on the planet and in turn, what is its purpose in all this history. The entity definitely mutated … but apparently it is a primarily endogenous change.

The entity gets up after the encounter and feels how a new kind of energy runs through all its cells. I have never felt something like this.

The fear begins to disappear.


The entity, disoriented, travels through the various places offered by the beautiful rock. The episodes of revelations become more and more frequent and his memory begins to be restored.

The entity walks towards the great fountain. The intense tide does not stop it from entering the eternal underwater abysses that the kingdom of the ocean hides. It is there that he finally has the final epiphany.

This is how a new planetary giant is born. A millenary being intrinsically connected to the planet that houses him and who can feel in his own flesh all its vital processes.

They were once called titans, once giants, once creator gods. In short, the entity becomes the absolute defender of the rock.

The entity returns to the surface.



After having understood the great purpose, the entity’s first reaction –overwhelmed by a feeling of uncertainty– was to escape and try to go back, when everything was safer, more understandable and where nothing represented a threat.

The entity, using part of its new abilities since its metamorphosis began, rises seeking to escape this planet that had become its reason and curse at the same time, but upon reaching the planet’s gravitational escape point it realizes something definitive: The entity, now made a planetary giant, has symbiotically merged with the planet… and as a consequence, cannot escape it. Even more revealing was being able to see from the planetary exosphere that he is not the only one, but that other giants like him have also begun their symbiosis with the planets that surround the rock, and that sooner or later the so-called Universal Correction would begin; a process that occurs once per Aeon, which is part of the grand design to balance the stability of the cosmos.

last chapter coming soon…

The Human Zero, The Renaissance – Chapter cronology


II: Orbiting Destiny

III: Primal Reveal

IV: Kontakt

V: The Helix


VII: Dwelling Within

VIII: Anakàlypsi

IX: The Renaissance

Bonus: Omen Distant

Bonus and credits

The·Human·Zero (@thehumanzero) is a project made to inspire the future.

THZ is:

– Patricio Arias (@elenkos): Main producer. Concept, Story, Guitars, Drums Programming and Synths.

– Gonzalo Campusano (@gonza.campusano): Guitars and concepts.

Art made by:

– Alex Rivero (@alexlapiz): Concepts, cover arts and animations.

– Cover art of «Ancestral Soul» by Ludmilav and Alex Rivero.

– Cover art of «Anakálypsi» by Patricio Arias, powered by IA.

Special Thanks to:

– Rubén Zúñiga and TacticalBackline (@tacticalbackline): Professional backline and recording gear.

– Jorge Jiménez: Sharing and distribution across Chile and the metal community.


Omen Distant was launched on September 2020 as a test of the upcoming new chapters, using the whole range of sounds and technologies that would be applied for the rest songs in The Renaissance.

 …and the biggest of thanks to our families and friends for supporting us and listen our ideas over and over again for many months and years! Bego, Rudy, Jorge, Cote, Francia, Nelson, JP, Marambas, Gian, SeguraRace, Limaco, Sergio and many others.

Extra stuff…

The Human Zero – The Renaissance is being crafted in human·eleven studios, in Arica – Chile, during this crazy world pandemic. Stay safe!

2020-2023. Original music made by